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Employment law refers to disputes arising out of work. We primarily represent employee-plaintiffs, in cases ranging from wrongful termination and discrimination, to wage theft and unemployment appeals. The various types of cases we handle include:


  • Unpaid wages / overtime / time off / earned time / vacation time

  • Unpaid sales commissions

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Disability Discrimation

  • Age Discrimination

  • Racial Discrimination

  • Unemployment Appeals (DUA)


Massachusetts state law and federal law often offers strong protection for employees, enabling those with meritorious cases to receive treble damages and reasonable attorney's fees and costs in many cases. We are highly selective about what cases we will accept, however, because many unjust practices that occur in the workplace may not be unlawful or, depending on the specific situation, may be difficult to prove in court. If we accept your case, we are likely to be able to offer a contingency fee arrangement, unless this is otherwise prohibited, such as in unemployment appeals.


Contact us today, as we welcome all employment-related case inquiries, and many matters have a short statute of limitations.

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